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Assignment 1

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This ad shows a mainly cowboy smoking a Marlboro cigarette. males.  


Demographic: Directed towards males.



Psychographic: This ad wants to convince readers that smoking this brand of cigarette will make them as manly as the cowboy in the advertisement. According to pop-culture cowboys are incredibly manly and this is the cowboy’s only purpose because cowboys have absolutely nothing to do with cigarettes. The cowboy is not informing the reader about the cigarette in any way, he is only smoking a cigarette is that when readers see this cigarette they will immediately think of the cowboy and how manly they are. They will also think that smoking this cigarette will make them just as manly as the cowboy.



Behavioristic: 1. Man is a cowboy, which is manly according to pop culture 2. Man is smoking a cigarette and twirling a lasso which are 2 other manly things to do, according to pop culture.



Geographic: This is aimed at males who live in the suburbs or large cities and not in the country. The slogan "come to where the flavor is" aims to convince readers that smoking this cigarette will make them feel as if they are visiting the "wild-west" or the country.


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