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Press Release

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Baskin Robbins celebrates the debut of its new annual tradition, "Battle at Baskin Robbins".

May 22th, 2009


Baskin Robbins is proud to celebrate the debut of its new annual tradition, “Battle at Baskin Robbins”. This event will be held annually each year on June 20th from this moment on. On the day of this event, the branch will also be offering the special deal of “buy 1 get 1 free” which will apply to all flavors and sizes. This deal will be offered on the 20th of each month.



Baskin Robbins will be holding its first ever Ice Cream eating competition in the B1 floor of the Dream Mall Shopping Center. By hosting and sponsoring this competition, Baskin Robbins hopes to generate interest and increase public awareness of the Branch Store.



The Event will be held on June 20th at 7:00PM and will be free of charge to participate. The Grand Prize will be a 1000NTD Gift Certificate, 2nd Prize will be 600NTD and 3rd Prize will be 200NTD. Participants are encouraged to enroll early and must pass health checks in order to qualify to participate at the event. Enrollment will take place at the www.DreamMall.com/BaskinRobbins website. The contest is limited to 15 participants. The winner will be the participant which consumes the most Ice Cream in 3 minutes.



Baskin Robbins also recently held this event at the Hanshin Arena this time last year. It helped the branch become the leading ice cream franchise in that local area. Generating 60 million NTD last year in revenue. Baskin Robbins hopes to surpass this feat with the new tradition at the Dream Mall location.


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Aiden Yeh said

at 9:53 pm on May 25, 2009

Impressive work, Bevin! This article is a great support to your Sales promo campaign :-)

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