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workshop 2-1 Puffery

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1. Describe the puffery committed in the ad.

This ad shows a heavy pot is held by a tiny plant. The tag says, " Stronger Roots with Toprain fertilizer." which leads readers to associate with the fertilizer making the plant so strong that they can allow a pot can be handled by a tiny stem. It is not possible because if this was attempted in real life, the stem would snap and break, the pot would drop. The pot is too heavy to for the plant stem to support.


2. Explain why you do or don't consider it deceptive.

I don't consider it deceptive because this robust idea enhances the product quality. Many exaggerated ads impressed readers through their creativity in our life. When readers first see this ad, of course they know it's impossible in real life. It wouldn't be associated with deceptiveness but creativity. There is no need everytime one should look out for rationality in ads.

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Aiden Yeh said

at 7:37 pm on Feb 27, 2009

This should have been finished in class :-(

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