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Workshop 3-1 Needs-Utility

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1. Find a print ad and identify the utility that is communicated in the ad.

The psychic,utility is communicated in this Pantene shampoo ad because it shows an attractive woman with silky smooth hair which offers psychological need satisfaction. The tag " Always Smooth From Pantene" indicates smooth hair and sex appeal can be achieved through this product. 


2. Does it address a function need or symbolic want?

It addressed both function need and symbolic want. Shampoo is a sort of commodity that necessarily exists in our life. But with the tag, "Always Smooth From Pantene" also emphasizes Pantene will leave the hair feeling sleek and luxurious. Therefore, it both addresses a founction need and symboilic want. 



3. Describe the need or want.

In modern society, shampoo is a commodity for people. We use shampoo to remove the oils from the scalp and clean the hair which is necessary from the perspective of human body requirement. However, people tend to fulfill symbolic need satisfaction, they purchase shampoo which can leave their hair feeling vivacious and silky in order to fulfill self-actualization.

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